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Want To Find Out If You Are Entitled To A New Zealand Tax Refund?

Simply complete this secure form or contact us on 1300 791 600 or click on the button below.

NZ Tax Refunds

If you believe you might be entitled to a New Zealand tax refund then allow us to find out for you. Simply complete your details on this secure form and we will personally look into your New Zealand tax position for you. There will be an admin/set up fee of $80 (including GST).

Remember, as a result of completing this form we will add you to our NZ tax agency. You will get a system-generated letter form Inland Revenue advising that you have been added to the tax agency of Michael Reddy. There is no need for you to do anything.

We will look into your previous tax records and identify any refunds.

If there are no refunds we will email you to let you know and then remove you from our NZ tax agency. You will receive another system-generated letter from Inland Revenue advising you of this. There is no need for you to do anything. 

If you are entitled to a refund and you would like us to do it, we will complete your tax return and email it to you to approve. We will also email our invoice for $200 (including GST) per tax return which you can pay online. As soon as you pay the account and approve your tax return we will file it through our tax management system.

Most refunds are settled within days although Inland Revenue do have a right to manually check tax returns and, by law, must settle within 12 weeks. This is the case no matter who you file a tax return with and happens very rarely. Typically one in 250 tax returns.

Here’s the form to claim your NZ tax refund:

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