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New Zealand Self-Employed Income Tax Returns

If you were self-employed in New Zealand when moving to Australia you need to do a final income tax return.
We can help with that.

Were you self-employed or registered for GST while living in New Zealand and need to complete a New Zealand income tax return?

If you moved to Australia during a New Zealand income tax year that you were self-employed or subject to a flat rate of withholding (schedular) income tax deductions then you will need to prepare and lodge an income tax return in New Zealand.

Most people in New Zealand earn wages or salaries that are subject to PAYE deductions. If that was the only source of income (along perhaps with interest and dividends) then they are not required to file an income tax return.

It is likely you will be entitled to a refund but Inland Revenue will calculate that for you. Tax agents can no longer complete income tax returns for you if you only earned wages and salaries. For more information check out the bottom of this page.

However if you were taxed at a flat rate (referred to as withholding taxes or schedular payments) you will be required to file an income tax return to ensure you paid the right amount of tax in New Zealand.

It could also be that Inland Revenue have advised that you need to file an income tax return.

We can help with that. We will always quote upfront before we begin the work so you know exactly how much you will pay.

If you are not registered for GST in New Zealand then our fee is $350 (including GST) which includes claiming up to 5 deductions (if applicable).

If you are registered for New Zealand GST, have filed your GST returns and can provide us with your calculations so we can see expenses that you claimed, then we will prepare your income tax return for the same price.

Good News For New Zealand Income Tax Refunds

If you’ve been looking for someone in Australia to prepare your New Zealand Income Tax Return from 2018 onward in order to claim back a refund, we’ve got some great news for you.

If your only income in New Zealand related to wages and salaries, and you moved to Australia after 1 April 2018, new legislation means Inland Revenue will now automatically process your refund. So you don’t have to pay us to do it for you!

Log in to your myIR account. Make sure your contact details are up-to-date and your New Zealand bank information is correct.

If you don’t have a myIR account you will need to register for one urgently. You can click this link to  register through the IRD website. If you have any questions you can contact IRD on (00 11) +64 4 978 0779.

Once you have updated your contact details be patient and Inland Revenue will calculate your refund and deposit it straight into your New Zealand bank account.

You can click on this link to read more about simplifying income tax for individuals on the IRD website.

We can’t help you with this process.

What If You Closed Your New Zealand Bank Account …

If you closed your bank account before you left New Zealand then you need to contact Inland Revenue. If you don’t do that, Inland Revenue will send a cheque to your last known address.

Inland Revenue will not deposit your refund into the bank account of a friend or a relative. It must be a New Zealand bank account in your name.

If You Are Entitled To A Refund For A Year Prior To 2018/19… We Can Help

The new legislation for automatic refunds only relates to wages and salaries earned in the tax year 2018/19 and onward. So if you think you are entitled to a refund on wages and salaries earned prior to 31 March 2018 and want to claim your tax refund, we can prepare and lodge your income tax return for $280.

If you don’t file a New Zealand income tax return and you are entitled to a refund you won’t receive that refund.

Here’s Why You Might Be Entitled To Tax Refund From New Zealand


Did you move from New Zealand to Australia?

If you moved from New Zealand to Australia you may well be entitled to a tax refund even though you can’t claim any deductions.

That’s because New Zealand’s tax system is based on an assumption that you will keep earning right throughout the year.

So if you happen to earn $5000 in a month you’ll be taxed assuming you will earn $60,000 in a year.

Of course, if you moved to Australia halfway through the year you would only have earned $30,000.

And that means you were taxed at a higher rate than you should have been, meaning a New Zealand tax refund might be waiting for you.

And that refund could be a refund of thousands. It’s really as simple as that and we try to make it as easy as possible to claim back your tax refund from New Zealand.


Did you earn wages while working in New Zealand?

If you earned wages while working in New Zealand you may be entitled to a refund.

If you worked in New Zealand before 31 March 2018, we can access your income tax details using our tax agent link with Inland Revenue’s secure server and complete your Tax Return.

You decide if you want us to prepare the tax return for you. 

Refunds are usually in your New Zealand bank account within a couple of days.

We accept payment for New Zealand tax returns by PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and by EFT and in either Australian or New Zealand currency.

Just $280

Claiming Your Refund For A Year Prior To 2018/19


  • Appoint us to be your New Zealand tax agent (we’ll send you a link to a secure form on our website to make that easy as pie)
  • For an administration setup fee of $80 including GST we will connect you to our NZ tax agency and have a look to see if you have any unclaimed refunds.
  • We will let you know what New Zealand tax refunds you are entitled to. We’ll offer to do your tax return for you.
  • Our fee to prepare each tax return is $200 including GST (excluding the admin fee above)
  • If you agree to our fee, we will prepare your tax return and send you an invoice.
  • You can approve your tax return online or on your phone.
  • Once you have approved your tax return and paid our account online using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal or by bank transfer we will file your tax return. We accept both NZ and Australian currency!
  • Most tax refunds are settled within days

$350 - Special Rate

Were you self-employed or registered for GST and need a New Zealand income tax return completed?

If you are required to file a New Zealand Income Tax Return because you were self-employed and you have your figures available, then we can offer you our special rate of $350 (including GST).

Registered New Zealand tax agent Mike Reddy will personally check your figures and prepare your New Zealand Income Tax Return for you. We’ll then electronically lodge the Tax Return through our tax management system updating your details and letting Inland Revenue know there will be no more Tax Returns (if that’s the case).

A clear conscience at last!

Questions about New Zealand Tax for Rental Properties and Self-employed?

Our New Zealand expert, Mike Reddy, is a New Zealand Chartered Accountant and New Zealand Registered Tax Agent based in Sydney. He works with individuals throughout Australia to help take care of your New Zealand tax questions and Returns from our Sydney-based office.

Having been preparing and filing New Zealand tax returns and claiming tax refunds since 1994, Mike is the most experienced New Zealand tax agent in Australia. He is regularly engaged by Australian tax agents and accountants who have clients with New Zealand interests.

So when it comes to looking after your New Zealand affairs, Mike can definitely help you with the right advice.

There is no charge for a quick chat so we can talk you through the issue.  Call us now on 1300 791 600.

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