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If you plan to do business in New Zealand it is likely you will need a New Zealand physical address. This is certainly a requirement of New Zealand’s Companies Act.

The Importance Of A New Zealand Business Address

If you plan to do business in New Zealand it is likely you will need an official New Zealand address.

The New Zealand Companies Act requires any business in New Zealand to have a Registered Office address there. This includes overseas companies who are doing business in New Zealand through their Australian company.

By law, a Registered Office is required to keep and maintain certain records. In the case of companies that have overseas control (including both New Zealand and Australian companies with Australian-based Directors and shareholders), the Companies Office will make a number of unannounced visits to that business address to check that the required records are there and being maintained in accordance with the legislation.

Ignorance is no excuse.

So even small New Zealand companies controlled by Australian-based Directors need to have robust systems in place to ensure all the records required under New Zealand law are being kept and maintained.

Or you can use our Registered Office service. We have those systems in place for you.

There are instant fines for non-compliance and those fines are enforceable in Australia.

Because of the introduction of New Zealand’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counterterrorism Financing legislation, New Zealand banks are also getting tetchy about overseas-based clients who are using organisations in New Zealand who simply provide addresses. New Zealand banks have obligations under that legislation and addresses obtained by overseas companies from these address farms does not give them much comfort.

You will find that our prices are, in most cases, less than wholesale address farms in any case. And while those organisations simply provide addresses, we also include the complete infrastructure you need to make it easy to comply with New Zealand legislation.

When you need a New Zealand address for a registered office, it makes sense to use the address of a professional firm who has the systems in place to make it simple for Australian-resident Directors to meet their obligations.

And that’s where we come in.

Here’s Why You Should Use Our Registered Office In New Zealand

We specialise in helping small Australian businesses to succeed in New Zealand. We are here to help you comply with the various New Zealand taxation and business laws without complicating the life of your Australian tax adviser. We are aware of the rules that impact on both sides of the Tasman.

We understand how NZ structures can result in double-taxation in Australia. So we’ll protect you from that.

Helping Australian businesses operate in New Zealand is what we do.

> You’ll look awesome

The address of your Registered Office says a lot about you. And our office address is in a prestigious Auckland CBD location that includes as its occupants the Australian Consulate and Austrade, Google, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Heaney & Partners, and Buddle Findlay and an impressive list of top law, consultancy and financial institutions.

> Doing what needs to be done

We know what needs to get done in order to provide you with peace of mind, to protect Australian-resident Directors and companies from penalties and the unsavoury prospect of having your company removed for non-compliance.

We can take care of all the required resolutions and certificates including the ones that non-residents (and their advisors) forget about most often. We ensure that the necessary financial records are kept at the Registered Office.

> Easy online approval of the important stuff

Not only can we serve as your Registered Office, we also host a secure online document portal to house your Statutory Records, Director Resolutions and Tax Returns. All are required to be kept at your registered office.

That makes life so much easier for Directors residing in Australia.

The New Zealand Companies Office allows us to use our easy online approval system (where you can use your computer or mobile device) to authorise the various resolutions and tax returns that are required to be approved by Directors. We’ll also upload all accounting and Tax Documents, Statutory Records and Resolutions that we prepare for you without you having to do a thing.

If you choose to do your own tax returns or engage someone else to do them, you can opt to upload them to our secure document portal so that they are available to the New Zealand Companies Office inspectors. You have secure access 24/7 and can upload your records at any time.

> The problem with using the address of friends, family and employees

If you are considering using the address of friends, family or employees, remember they will have access to sensitive and confidential information such as your tax returns and financial reports.

If you are using the address of a NZ-based employee, consider the challenges of recovering those records if the employee is terminated or leaves to work with a competitor.

> Trained staff

Our staff are trained to deal with visits from the Registries and Integrity and Enforcement Team of the New Zealand Companies Office when they arrive to check on your compliance. And because you are a small overseas-controlled company, they will. We ensure all documentation is at hand. We’ll handle any correspondence from the Companies Office and recommend what to do next.

Because we keep an eye on your records we can let you know if the records kept at the Registered Office are not complying with the requirements of the New Zealand Companies Act and we’ll help you to put things right.

$350 +GST

per annum

New Zealand Registered Office

New Zealand’s legislation requires most businesses to have a registered office address in New Zealand. The New Zealand Companies Act and Income Tax Act both require certain records to be kept there and properly maintained.

In the case of companies that are controlled by non-residents (such as businesses run by Australian companies and directors), the Companies Office frequently check that these records are being properly kept. They are known to make a number of unannounced visits to the address to make sure things are in order and instant fines can be the result of non-compliance. These fines are enforceable in Australia.

Our team is trained to deal with these visits and we ensure all documentation is at hand. We’ll handle any correspondence from the Companies Office and recommend what to do next.

What’s more, we are one of the very few organisations that are able to provide the required resolutions to directors for online approval. This is particularly convenient when there are Australian-based directors.

Whenever we prepare the various resolutions required under New Zealand’s Companies Act, directors will be notified and can legally approve them online (even with a mobile device).

New Zealand legislation requires you to store certain financial records including tax returns at your registered office.

If you use our office and we prepare any type of tax return, we will keep a copy at the registered office without you having to do a thing.

If you decide to do your own tax returns or have them prepared elsewhere, you can opt for full access to your records enabling you to upload the tax returns yourself.

As your registered office we help you to comply with the New Zealand Companies Act, but we don’t accept general mail. We provide a separate mailing service for that.


Our Secure Document Portal

Being the only Australian-based firm that specialises in helping you to do business in New Zealand, we have the capability for you to meet your New Zealand legal requirements online.

When we prepare tax returns or the required resolutions, registers and records, we notify you so you can easily approve the documents online (even with your mobile device).

Access is secure with our platforms conforming to the strictest Internet security protocols ensuring your confidential information stays that way.

If we are to complete your tax work and look after your company compliance requirements, we suggest you subscribe to our basic level which comes free as part of us supplying your New Zealand registered office address.

If you plan to do your own tax work, or meet your own company compliance obligations, simply pay an additional $85 +GST per annum for full access to upload your documents.

This will give you complete control so you can ensure that all the required documentation is available to the inspectors when they arrive to check on your compliance.

New Zealand Phone Numbers

Sometimes it makes sense to have a New Zealand Phone number. It makes it easier for New Zealand-based customers to contact you and it provides you with a New Zealand presence.

Even if you have an employee based in New Zealand, having ownership of your own phone number gives you security if the employee leaves for any reason.

We can provide you with local numbers for most New Zealand cities. Currently, we have local number for Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Because we only use accredited Tier 1 suppliers with ISDN quality lines, conversations will be crystal clear with no embarrassing voice delays.

We can even provide toll free 0800 numbers. Your New Zealand phone number can be up and running within minutes. We can divert them to your New Zealand employees, your Australian office or your mobile.

Prices for our crystal-clear phone services start from $15 +GST per month access fee with calls forwarded at just 15c +GST per completed minute, plus a $15 +GST setup fee.

Terrorism, Money-Laundering and You

Like a growing number of countries, New Zealand has passed legislation that puts the onus on accountants and any professional organisation that sets up businesses for foreigners to have systems in place to ensure Directors are not engaged in money-laundering or terrorism or serious crime.

If you have tried to open a New Zealand bank account without our help you will start to appreciate what challenges can arise because they have obligations as well.

We won’t make you constantly fill out forms or jump through hoops and over fires to allow you to run your business in New Zealand.

Instead, so that you can focus on running your New Zealand business in relative peace, we have invested in state-of-the-art technology that scans international sanction lists and watchlists every few hours, every day, along with over ½ a million daily news reports from hundreds of countries.

When a name on those lists is matched to a Director on our books, or if we detect suspicious behaviour, we’ll investigate and, if confirmed, report the match to the New Zealand authorities as we are required to do.

That means legitimate business owners like you can focus on running your business through our Registered Office knowing we have your back.

Questions ?

Our New Zealand expert, Mike Reddy, is a New Zealand accountant and NZ-registered tax agent based in Sydney. He works with individuals and small businesses throughout Australia to help take care of your New Zealand tax questions and Returns from our Sydney-based office.

Having been preparing and filing New Zealand tax returns and claiming tax refunds for New Zealanders since 1994, Mike is the most experienced New Zealand tax agent in Australia. He is regularly engaged by Australian tax agents and accountants who have clients with New Zealand interests.

So when it comes to looking after your New Zealand affairs, Mike can definitely help you with the right advice.

Call us now on 1300 791 600. There is no charge for a quick chat so we can talk you through the issues.

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