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When it comes to looking after your New Zealand affairs, we can definitely help you with the right advice. There is no charge for a quick chat so we can talk you through the issues.

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Since 1994 we have been humbled by the hundreds of clients and their Australian tax advisors that we have been able to help with their New Zealand tax matters.

Being a largely online New Zealand tax business our clients are located from Sydney to Perth, Adelaide across to Melbourne and up to Darwin and all points in between.

But even though we may do our business online, we are just a phone call or email away to talk through any New Zealand tax problems.

If it’s a face to face meeting you prefer, you can meet with us in our Sydney office.

And, of course, technology allows us to video call online where we can draw useful diagrams to help you better understand the issues that face Australian residents.

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Scheduling A New Zealand Tax Consultation

If you have a question related to New Zealand tax issues, we’re here to help whether by phone, video link or in person. Your session will be booked with our principal, New Zealand Tax Advisor and Chartered Accountant, Mike Reddy.

Simply click on the link below and select a preferred time and date that suits your schedule. You can include a note on what you would like us to discuss. You’ll receive a confirmation of your meeting and an SMS reminder as well.

Because we aim to provide real value at the meeting, a fee applies which is fully refundable if cancelled more than 24 hours before the scheduled time.

Please note this New Zealand tax service is provided to assist Australian businesses to understand New Zealand tax issues and how they may impact on the way you want to do business in New Zealand. Having advised Australian businesses for over 15 years we can provide guidance for most matters through this convenient channel.

Occasionally, some technical matters require additional research or require specialist expertise. In that case we reserve the right to cancel a meeting and provide a full refund. We will also prepare a proposal to deal with your matter for a fixed price.

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We can register you for all relevant nz taxes and complete the tax returns for you to ensure you get everything you can.

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No one incorporates more New Zealand companies for small Australian business owners than we do. Period.