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Setting Up A Small Business In New Zealand

If you are looking at starting a business or incorporating a company in New Zealand, allow us to help save you a lot of time, stress and money by setting it up correctly.

Registering A New Zealand Company – with our special secret sauce

No one incorporates more New Zealand companies for Australian-based business owners than we do. And that’s our key difference. We understand how you, as a small Australian business owner, should set your business up in New Zealand and what structure is best for your specific needs.

After all, this is what we do. And for that reason, we can ensure you don’t fall for the various traps that are waiting for the inexperienced.

We can show you the easiest way to set up a New Zealand company from Australia

The Australia-New Zealand Double Tax Agreement Doesn’t Stop Double Tax For Small Businesses!

We certainly appreciate that New Zealand’s GST and income tax legislation coupled with the Double Tax Agreement in place between New Zealand and Australia were written at a time when only big business traded in other countries. It suits the way big business works and penalises small business.

The unintentional impact tax policy and legislation has on the way Australian-controlled businesses operate in New Zealand can be significant.

If you are contemplating registering your Australian company in New Zealand, contact us first so we can save you thousands.

No cost. No obligation. We just want to help you succeed.

If you are considering setting up a New Zealand structure such as a New Zealand company, Trust or partnership, again, you should contact us first. Again, there is no charge for a quick chat so we can explain the issues.

This is not the time to ask an Australian tax agent that is very experienced in Australian matters. And it is not the time to ask a New Zealand tax agent who isn’t familiar with trans-Tasman trading, particularly as it applies to Australian-based owner-operated businesses.

We have written a post on how Australian residents get double taxed. You can read it by clicking here.

The Proven Way to Run Your Australian Business in New Zealand – Without The Double Tax Trap

Our secret sauce allows us to help Australian businesses set up in New Zealand inexpensively and with peace of mind. We make sure you are set up legitimately so that you can focus on running your business. And we’ll keep you out of the double-tax trap!

The alternative is to set up a company in New Zealand in good faith, or worse still, register your Australian company in New Zealand and face the inevitability of paying, in many instances, twice the tax you need to.

And as many Australian residents don’t realise that they are doing the wrong thing until the ATO taps them on the shoulder several years later, there are also significant penalties and interest on top of that.

So let us help you do it right. And we’ll make sure we chat through everything with your Australian tax agent so they know what we’ve done, why we’ve done it and how it impacts on you in Australia.

Setting it up properly will depend on the structure and if Australian companies or Trusts are involved. We can assist with any type of shareholder however the type of shareholder will determine the options best suited to you.

Ensuring you are not double taxed or faced with unexpected penalties down the track from the ATO will require special registrations and applications to both Inland Revenue and, in some cases, the ATO. We handle all negotiations, applications and the entire process for one fixed fee.

That includes helping you get access to the New Zealand tax portal which is currently difficult for Australian-based Directors.

We can arrange everything, from start to finish and no one gets New Zealand tax file (IRD) numbers for non-residents faster than us.

Getting a New Zealand bank account opened for a small Australian-controlled business is also problematic as a result of New Zealand’s anti-money laundering legislation putting a lot of obligations on New Zealand banks.

Not only can we assist to get you one, through us it will be an online process with no need to visit your Australian bank or make a trip to New Zealand.

Yes, There Are Common Mistakes When Setting Up a NZ Company

These are the types of mistakes made by Australian business owners who set up, in good faith, a business in New Zealand. We know because we are often called on to sort these problems out. And yet, we can set up your New Zealand company correctly, in a format that will work for you on both sides of the Tasman, within a day, for just $660 when we supply the Registered Office and $825 when we don’t. This includes the fees paid to the New Zealand Companies Office and GST – and that even includes registering your company for all relevant New Zealand tax types including income tax and GST if applicable.

And remember to consider the unexpected things that can arise when it comes to choosing your registered office. Before you go, click here to have a read about the importance of your Registered Office.

Helping Australians Set Up Business In New Zealand Is What We Do. And It Won’t Cost The Earth.

Remove your risk for one low fee. Priced from $680 + GST  when we supply the registered office (priced separately). We’ll do all the heavy lifting and make setting up a company in New Zealand a piece of cake.

This fee includes:


  • Preparation and lodgement of all registration documents
  • Legitimate protection from double taxation
  • All documentation required for opening a New Zealand bank account (and assistance so you don’t have to fly there)
  • Registration for all relevant New Zealand tax types (no one gets New Zealand tax registrations completed for Australian residents faster than us)
  • Discussion with your Australian tax agent on what we have done, why we have done it and how it will impact on you in Australia
  • All fees paid to the New Zealand Companies Office

Consider the NZ tax implications

Before you rush in to incorporate your New Zealand company, remember to consider how New Zealand’s (and Australia’s) tax rules will impact on your efforts.

Here is how your tax position might stack up if your current Australian income is more than $30,000 per annum (even if the strategy is for the NZ company to be owned by an Australian company that is owned by you).

Assume NZ profit (after allowable management fees) is $100,000


NZTax.com.au structure
Using the standard tax setup
Tax paid in New Zealand NIL 28,000
Tax paid in Australia 33,000 23,760
Total tax payable $33,000 $51,760

If your marginal tax rate is 45%, the situation is even worse! We can show you how the impact is the same even if you claim the Foreign Tax Credit and how this applies even if the profits go through an Australian company. And, from our experience, that’s where most Australian advisors get it wrong at the cost of significant penalties being imposed by the ATO several years down the track.

Depending on your particular business model, we may not be able to get this structure to work as a result of the wording of the Australia New Zealand double tax agreement. However, even our worst case scenario will leave you significantly better off year by year, for the life of your New Zealand business.

The tax saving achieved by many small businesses, just like yours, pay for our entire fee in just a matter of days! Now, that is certainly a return on investment that is worth a phone call.

We don’t do Australian tax returns but we can help your Australian advisor to understand the issues.

We want to incorporate your new company in a way that will:


  • Save you money in the long run
  • Make it as hassle free as possible
  • Allow you (and your accountant) flexibility come tax time

So, if you would like to engage our experience in setting up companies in New Zealand that will maximise your return for your effort, then here is our wizard which will ask a number for questions so that our experts can set your company up the best way we can. We will probably answer a lot of your questions along the way but remember, you can contact our experts for the best way to meet your objectives.

We won’t charge you until the final stages of incorporation. No credit card details required.

Only use the NZ Companies Office process if you live in New Zealand

The Companies Office incorporation system was set up for you! However it can lead you in the wrong direction if you are not currently living in New Zealand, particularly with regard to how that company registration will impact on your New Zealand tax registration.

Also consider the special unannounced checks that Companies Office staff are now making on smaller overseas controlled companies.

You should also bear in mind that the NZ Companies Office are getting tougher in their checks on smaller overseas-controlled companies. That means more unannounced spot checks (expect at least 3 in the first 18 months) to ensure full compliance.

The rules and interpretation of “Full compliance” is constantly changing. Because we set up more small NZ companies for Australians than anyone else, we are able to be better informed of these changes and keep you informed BEFORE the Companies office take action. Even minor breaches can have an instant fine attached.

That’s why it can be so valuable dealing with an organisation that has a great relationship with the New Zealand Companies Office and has in-depth knowledge of setting up small businesses in New Zealand for Australians.

We help make running a company in New Zealand stress-free.


Questions About Registering Your New Zealand Entity?

Our New Zealand tax expert, Mike Reddy, is a New Zealand Chartered Accountant and New Zealand Registered Tax Agent based in Sydney. He works with individuals and small businesses throughout Australia to help take care of your New Zealand tax questions and tax returns from our Sydney office.

Having been preparing and filing New Zealand tax returns since 1994, Mike is the most experienced New Zealand tax agent in Australia. He is regularly engaged by Australian tax agents and accountants who have clients with New Zealand interests.

So when it comes to looking after your New Zealand affairs, Mike can definitely help you with the right advice.

Call us now on 1300 791 600. There is no charge for a quick chat so we can talk you through the issues.

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