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There have been a number of announcements with regard to the tightening of New Zealand’s borders. To date, these announcements have focused on the movement of people into New Zealand.

At this stage there has been no change to the requirements for the movement of product into or out of New Zealand.

For example, if your company is trading with China, whether importing or exporting goods, we understand there is currently no change to the requirements for the packaging or handling of goods that existed before the coronavirus outbreak.

There are no additional sanitary or phytosanitary requirements that have been put in place by the New Zealand government, even for agricultural or primary produce exports and imports.

We understand there have been no changes to New Zealand Customs and import clearance procedures.

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The information in this article is indicative of NZ tax rules and changes and not intended to be complete for all intents or purposes and does not constitute advice. It is recommended that you obtain professional advice, suited to your particular circumstances, from us before acting on anything you read.